The Ultimate Smoothie Guide: Blending a Better Body in 5 Minutes a Day.


$10.00 $7.19

You’re busy! You’re tired! You’re stressed! You’re getting sick…and fat…and poor. I GET IT BECAUSE I WAS TOO! I was an unhealthy kid on the fast track to diabetes, obesity, and every byproduct of putting too much junk in my body. Fortunately, a part-time job at Smoothie King at an early age changed my life forever. Now, I am male fashion model and spokesperson getting paid for my physique and overall healthy look. If you’re willing to put in the work, you can achieve a healthier and happier life as well! In The Ultimate Smoothie Guide, you will learn how you can start drastically improving your life with one simple meal per day even if you don’t have a kitchen, are broke, always traveling, and are insanely busy. Included are 25+ smoothies that will get you back on track to great!


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